Alumni in Print


Tim Gahr

Off the Tracks: Cautionary Tales About the Derailing of Mental Health Care (Volumes 1 & 2)

Paul W. Mosher’63 and Jeffrey Berman, PhD 

IPBooks, 2019

Dr. Mosher has co-authored two volumes about the many and varied ways that the relationship between patient and therapist can go awry. While thousands of studies have concluded that 75% to 80% of patients who participate in psychotherapy show improvement, the power of this treatment makes it dangerous when misused. The first volume focuses on boundary violations in the treatment relationship, while the second surveys events in mental health history, ranging from a landmark court case to bizarre surgeries, even covering what happened when psychoanalysis met the alien abduction craze. Dr. Mosher and his co-author present these stories not to condemn modern treatment methods, but to provide cautionary tales for mental health professionals striving to understand their role in the treatment relationship and to use their best judgment with patients. 



Robert Lisak’65

Oxford University Press, 2019

Dr. Lisak co-edited this newest volume in Oxford University Press’s Contemporary Neurology Series. He also was first author of a chapter on “Immune-Mediated Disease of the Neuromuscular Junction,” and he co-authored an introduction on the fundamentals of neuroimmunology and a chapter on “Therapies of Neuroimmunologic Diseases.” The book gives readers a practical, clinical, and scientific background on a diverse range of common and rare neurologic disorders. Clinical chapters cover the epidemiology, pathology, pathogenesis, and pathophysiology of diseases and describe testing, diagnosis, and treatment in real-world situations. The book is a resource for physicians and other health care practitioners who care for people with neuroimmunologic diseases. 


Introducing the Core: Demystifying the Body of an Athlete

William C. Meyers’75

SLACK Books, 2019

Dr. Meyers is lead editor and author of this book, which features contributions from more than 40 world-renowned experts in the fields of athletic training, orthopedics, and sports medicine. On top of its significance in sports, the core, until now, has remained a mystery to most physicians and athletes. The book illuminates the role of the core through the perspectives of diverse experts not afraid to challenge prevailing wisdom and who argue strongly that the term “sports hernia” should be banned from the medical literature. The book is for health care professionals, elite and amateur athletes, as well as the entire public interested in how the engine of our body really works. 


Conquering Lyme Disease: Science Bridges the Great Divide

Brian A. Fallon’85 and Jennifer Sotsky’16

Columbia University Press, 2019 

Now out in paperback, this authoritative book published in hardcover in 2017 gives patients and health care practitioners a timely overview of the cutting edge science that is transforming how Lyme disease is addressed. With more than 400,000 cases diagnosed each year, Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne illness in the United States, but doctors remain deeply divided on how to treat the disease, which has diverse manifestations and for which diagnostic tests have significant limitations. Drs. Fallon and Sotsky take a frank look at the unique challenges the disease presents, ultimately finding hope. They believe that new and emerging diagnostic tests, treatments, and prevention strategies will be able to stop the expansion of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases and reduce the number of cases.


The New Rules of Pregnancy

Jacqueline Worth’97, Adrienne L. Simone, MD, and Danielle Claro

Artisan Books, 2019

Dr. Worth has co-authored a comprehensive yet accessible book on self-care during pregnancy. “Calm” and “chill” are not words most people associate with pregnancy, but Dr. Worth and her co-authors are trying to change that. Their book answers questions busy readers are likely to have during pregnancy, from the practical (“Can I fly while pregnant?”) to the more complex (“What makes it postpartum depression?”). The book even covers the so-called “fourth trimester,” which involves nursing and trying to get back to normal life. In a blurb, Amy Poehler writes that the book “contains all you need to know about the amazing scifi adventure that is having a baby.”


Cycling Anatomy (2nd Edition) 

Shannon Sovndal’00

Human Kinetics, 2019

The second edition of Dr. Sovndal’s book includes 89 of the most effective cycling exercises plus step-by-step descriptions to help cyclists increase their speed, strength, and endurance. Full-color anatomic illustrations depict the active muscles involved in cornering, climbing, descending, and sprinting. Readers will learn not just the basics, but also how to modify exercises to target specific areas of the body and to minimize common cycling injuries, ultimately learning how to put it all together to develop an individualized training regimen. Dr. Sovndal writes from experience: As a team physician for the Garmin-Sharp professional cycling team for seven years, he has worked every major race in Europe and the United States, and he also founded an elite-level sports training and wellness management business.


Amazing Things Are Happening Here: Stories

Jacob M. Appel’09

Black Lawrence Press, 2019

Dr. Appel’s latest collection of short stories “renders our post-9/11 world through a variety of personalities, each narrating their unique and startling stories,” according to author Marilyn Krysl. Among the nine short stories included in this collection are “Canvassing,” which previously appeared in Subtropics, and “Helen of Sparta,” which appeared in the Iowa Review. In a blurb, author Peter Markus writes that these stories are “written with equal doses of heft, hilarity, and heart.” Dr. Appel has published more than 200 short stories and several novels, plays, poems, and works of social criticism.

(Editor’s Note: The title of Dr. Appel’s collection of stories has no connection to NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, which uses the phrase in its marketing campaign.)


Minority Empowerment:  How to Achieve Professional Success in America

Bianca Calderon-Brown’14 and Randall Brown

Floricanto Press, 2019

Dr. Calderon-Brown’s new book, co-written with her husband, Randall Brown, is a guide for people of color navigating their professional futures. Drawing on their experiences at four Ivy League institutions, Dr. Calderon-Brown and her husband provide a road map for minority students struggling with everything from racism and microaggressions to setting goals and organizing. Chapters like “Money” and “Don’t be Afraid to Get Help” concisely summarize what young people can do to prepare themselves for the challenges they will face from America’s educational and professional establishment.