Alumni in Print

"Wintrobe’s Atlas of Clinical Hematology"

Babette Weksler’63 and Geraldine P. Schechter’63

Wolters Kluwer, 2018

First published in 2006, “Wintrobe’s Atlas of Clinical Hematology”has been updated by a new editorial team. The new edition by classmates Drs. Weksler and Schechter in collaboration with hematopathologist Scott Ely, contains vivid visualization of every hematologic disorder and a new, highly templated format that expedites navigation, as well as a new index of figures by disorders. 


Beyond Eden: The Other Lives of Fine Art Models” 

David V. Forrest’64

Outskirts Press, 2017

Dr. Forrest, a lifelong artist, conducted paid interviews with his fine arts models about their difficult but rewarding posing in the nude. What could they tell us about the emotions of being examined by an artist, a lover, or a doctor, and what are the lessons for all who examine unclothed patients? “This unique and often quite beautiful book of portraits and interviews broaches a topic surprisingly absent from most medical school curricula: intimacy,” writes Barron Lerner’86, professor of medicine at NYU.


“Pursuing Health in an Anxious Age”

Bob Cutillo’81

Crossway, 2016

Despite increasing technology and access to health care, modern society is more concerned than ever about health. Drawing from his own medical experience, Dr. Cutillo cultivates in this book a biblical understanding of the relationship between faith and health in the modern age.


"Atlas of Touch Preparation Cytopathology” and “Pediatric Cytopathology: A Practical Guide"

Sara E. Monaco’03

Springer Publishing Company, 2018

Containing more than 500 visually stunning images, “Atlas of Touch Preparation Cytopathology” is the first atlas dedicated to touch preparation cytopathology. Co-authored by Dr. Monaco with the practicing pathologist in mind, the book covers various methods of touch preparation and presents a comprehensive overview, together with visual reference guide to the diagnostic application. “Pediatric Cytopathology: A Practical Guide,” co-edited by Dr. Monaco,is a reference book designed as a practical and high-yield review of pediatric cytopathology, intended to be essential to anyone who is interested in cytomorphological findings in childhood disease. 


“Millard Salter’s Last Day”

Jacob M. Appel’09

Gallery Books, 2017

In his newest book, a novel, Dr. Appel tells the heartwarming story of a man who decides to end his life before he’s too old—but then begins to reconsider when he faces complications from the world around him. “Although the theme was suicide, it was laugh-out-loud funny at times. I was crazy about Millard and will not soon forget him,” wrote one reviewer. “Jacob Appel deserves five stars for creating such a well-rounded, complex, likable character. I enjoyed his humor, his memories, and his thoughts on aging. Highly recommend for book clubs,” wrote another reviewer.