New Education Building Nears Completion

A June 2016 dedication is planned for the Medical and Graduate Education Building at 104 Haven Ave. The building will be ready when the Class of 2020 begins studies in August.

The building’s simulation center, which will open later this summer, will allow students to reach a level of proficiency before they ever see a patient. Nearly 15 percent of the building’s 100,000 square feet has been set aside for the simulation center. The 13,300-square-foot center has training rooms featuring standardized patients, computerized, whole-body mannequins, and simulated exam rooms, operating room, and intensive care unit. Suites of dedicated practice exam rooms are wired for high-fidelity sound and video recording. Students will be able to practice with standardized patients there, and faculty will be able to use playback of recordings to offer feedback to students about effective behaviors and areas of improvement.


The 14-story building, which has been under construction for nearly three years, will tower approximately 223 feet above ground. Beyond the simulation center, the building has high-tech classroom facilities, innovative learning spaces for both collaboration and quiet study, a new auditorium and event spaces with integrated technology, and areas that include lounges, a café, and a commons area.

A virtual tour of the building is available online at