Class of 2025: Class Oath

Thanks for sending Fall/Winter 2021. I was particularly interested in the Oath drafted by the Class of 2025. Nicely written, with appropri- ate reference to issues of the day, including justice, equity, diversity. I was sorry, though, not to see any acknowledgement of the major problems (cost, un- and under-insured, job lock, etc.) in the health care system they are about to enter. Lots of mention of “my patients” (3), “individuals...I will serve,” “my future patients,” “our patients,” “relationships I build with patients” but precious little about how their generation might finally make up for my generation’s failure to ensure that all Americans have a doctor and equitable care. 

Daniel C. Bryant’65 


Class of 1921: Inquiry About Photo

I am writing with an inquiry about the picture and accompanying brief article about women at VP&S in the 2020-2021 VP&S Annual Report (page 30). The article states that Gulli Lindh Muller graduated first in the class of 1921, which included a total of six women. However, the picture, which does identify six women, does not identify Dr. Muller. 

It is labeled Class of 1921. Furthermore, it includes the famous Dr. Armand Hammer, who did graduate in 1921. What gives? 

Robert Meyers’76 

Editor’s response: The Class of 1921 had two group photos taken. The group photo we have always used to illustrate the first coed class does not show Dr. Muller, as you note. She appeared in the other photo, but that photo appears to consist of several photos pasted together. (Dr. Muller is on the right in the photo above.) We did include a photo of Dr. Muller in the Spring/Summer 2021 issue’s article about the centennial of women medical graduates. 

It is interesting to note that the group photo we used in the magazine and the annual report shows six women, but not all of those women graduated in 1921. Some dropped out and other women joined the class in later years.