Match 2015

Although Adam De Fazio knew in January that he matched to a urology residency in Minnesota, he and his family (wife Michelle and daughter Azzurra) joined his classmates on Match Day in March to share in the celebration.

"I'm a nontraditional student. I spent time in law school before medical school and I worked as a lawyer. I started medical school at 30, got married during med school, had my first daughter during med school.

"I'm going to Minnesota for urology.
I matched back in January. Urology and ophthalmology match early, so we don’t necessarily get to participate in the ceremony everyone else has.

"I sat on my couch alone and opened an email that said, ‘You’re moving to Minnesota for the next five years.’ It’s definitely different for me, but I’ve enjoyed the last few months. It was nice being relaxed and watching my friends and classmates prepare to find out where they’re going to spend their time. It’s a nice way to go through the process."

— Adam De Fazio'15

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