Lewis “Bud” Rowland
Thank you so much for the wonderful article and spread you did on my father, Bud Rowland (Fall/Winter 2017 issue). It is really phenomenal to affirm, again and again, how well loved he was and what an impact he made. (I’m sure he would edit that sentence...) 

Joy Rosenthal
Via email


Virginia Apgar
I read with pleasure in P&S News that Rita Charon will direct the Virginia Apgar Academy of Medical Educators (Fall/Winter 2017 issue). Your article includes important facts about Apgar’33, including that she was the first woman to be named a full professor at P&S [now VP&S]. She is arguably the best known VP&S graduate in the world. Every doctor and millions of patients have heard of the Apgar Score. But your Apgar bio does not mention her medical specialty: anesthesia.

Allen I. Hyman MD FCCM Sc.D. (Hon Columbia)
Professor Emeritus of Anesthesiology


Aura Severinghaus
I can echo Dr. Alfred Scherzer’s comments (Letter, Fall/Winter 2017 issue) about the willingness of Dean Aura Severinghaus to consider the applications of “outliers” for admission to VP&S. Having dropped premed as a college sophomore in order to pursue philosophy I made a late return to wanting medicine as a career. Despite my inadequate preparation, Dean Severinghaus must have regarded philosophy highly because he admitted me to the class of 1958.

Lawrence W. Norton’58
Emeritus Professor of Surgery, University of Colorado School of Medicine