Bard Hall Players

"The Music Man"

The Bard Hall Players, the theater troupe in residence at P&S, have been staging musicals and plays on campus for more than 50 years. In November 2014, the ensemble was proud to present its production of “The Music Man,” Meredith Wilson’s American classic about a sleepy and stubborn Iowa town brought to life by the gilded promises of a traveling salesman.

Directed by Jennifer Russo’16, the Bard Hall Players featured the singing, acting, dancing, instrumental, and staging talents of students from P&S, the School of Nursing, Mailman School of Public Health, the College of Dental Medicine, and the Graduate School of the Arts and Sciences, drawing in nearly 600 fans for four performances. Faculty critics weighed in, with the consensus that “The Music Man” was among the very best Bard Hall Players productions in memory, a tribute to the hard work and innate talent of our many performers.

Other Bard Hall Players productions in 2014 were William Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” and Tom Stoppard’s “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead,” under the production leadership of Lia Boyle’17, Sarah Gumlak’17, Lisa Mack’17, and Jessica Means’17.

— David Chapel’15

"The Tempest"

The Bard Hall Players presented William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” March 12-14. Samuel Bruce’18, co-president of the Bard Hall Players, says a makeup workshop was held a few weeks before the performance because “a number of characters have very involved makeup for the show.”

La’Shay Morris, a Mailman School of Public Health student, was makeup maestro.

Aili Klein, a first-year MD/PhD student, and graduate student Stephen Flaherty
Mikey Montalbano’18, BHP co-president, portrayed the spirit Ariel in the production.
From left: Jemma Benson’18; Natasha Spottiswoode’18; Mikey Montalbano’18; Lisa Grossman, an MD/PhD student; Nicole Curatola’18; Kristin Kunkle, a postdoc clinical fellow in psychiatry; and Mailman students Christiane Ochoa, La’Shay S. Morris, and Yao Ma